Thursday, October 11, 2007

I know its been a while since I've posted, and this one is going to be brief. I'm managing to beat back the huns of midterm (no offense to the huns, they did give us Bach and Beethoven), and in two days it will be fall break--YES! I've had some very welcome good news lately, my guitar playing compatriot Pete is going to be in town in a week or so, and I've been chosen by the college to help with the process of finding a new food service provider. I think its the weekly column in the paper's what's did it.

I am storing up energy for an outburst of posts by eating huevos rancheros late at night, reading, and waiting around for South Park to come on. Booker is getting more and more obsessed with his red frisbee and he carries the muddy chawed up thing around the house like Linus' blanket. Of course his goal is to have me throw it for eternity, and the neighbors might be getting ticked to hear the frisbee hitting the empty house across the street at 10pm. Then there's the drums.

I can do an extended solo for about 6 minutes now, and yesterday, as I was wrapping up, I heard something that sounded like something hitting the side of the house hard. I didn't dare go investigate. I always imagine my neighbors thinking "wow, listen to that fine young man get down on those skins--he sure is improving." But then I think about it. If I've come home from a long day at work would I want unmeasured jungle-rhythms pounding out from the neighbors upstairs window greeting me? Hmmmm, knowing my history for annoyance, I really doubt it.

I once lived in a duplex. The guy who lived next to us was pretty cool, but he would come home from work and crank REO Speedwagon from his stereo for two to three hours. Banging on the walls was futile. We even had a chat with him. It all went congenially, but to no avail, the next day 70s shlock rock was making the plaster chip again.

The only access to the basement was through our side of the house, and we realized at some point that we had the advantage--the fuse box was in the basement.

One day, when we just couldn't take it anymore, I went down to the basement and pulled the main to his apartment. All we could hear after that was the guy stomping around. I let it go for about a minute, expecting a loud knock at the door. Nothing came. After a while I tripped the breaker and we heard that noise (this was in the eighties) of a turntable starting back up, and Speedwagon churning its way from 0 rpms to 33 1/2. They weren't so speedy then. The volume came down and stayed down.

I don't know why I wrote that, I just wanted to post something today I guess, plus I like the story.

Here is a new review for the college paper.


Emily Barton said...

I can just picture Booker with that frisbee, and what a hilarious story. I've lived in many place in which I wish I'd had access to my neighbors' circuit breakers. And your review made me very hungry. Don't yet know if there's anything like a Vietnamese/Thai restaurant in the new digs, but I'm going to be on the lookout.

imichie said...

Yes Emily, Booker loves that frisbee and he looks like a red-lipped platypus (I'm not even going to try to check the spelling for that) carrying it around the house. That story was from the Jody days. The Vietnamese restaurant was good, but that Thai restaurant we ate at in Conn. was the best I've had all year.

Sarah said...

Glad you're back! I'm envious of your fall break, I wish my university realized how necessary they are...Try and get some relaxation in! :)

imichie said...

Thanks Sarah, good to hear from you. No fall break? Man, I feel lucky now. I've spent the past weekend doing very little--I played video games and watched a couple of movies.

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