Friday, December 7, 2007

From the Vault

This is a draft of a post I wrote in October. I don't know why I didn't post it then, maybe I thought it was too ranty. But I just re-read it and I think it needs to go up.

Right, I'm pissed off. My favorite time of the year, Autumn, has been ruined by the greedy fossil fuel industry and our do-nothing government not to mention bipsy-bopsy in her gargantuan SUV which she bought because she is such a coward that she wants to make sure that if she gets in an accident everyone else will be killed by her civilian tank and not the other way around. It's October 19th and it feels like August 1st. Where is the crispness? The cool clean air? The beautiful leaves? The hint of frost? The promise of snow? Maybe in Nova Scotia, but not here.

I missed the environment blogging day, but better late than never right? My area of the country is experiencing severe drought. Water restrictions with diligently enforced fines are being issued in all of the surrounding counties. I've talked to people who know more about this stuff than I do, and they believe that this drought is not a fluke (in fact it can't be, it is actually an ongoing event that has been plaguing our area for a number of years). This is what global-warming is folks.

Today it rained, but not nearly enough. It is overcast and muggy, and while getting ready for work today I began to sweat profusely just minutes after my shower. I had to move into the living room because my office is too stuffy and I refuse to turn on the air-conditioner. This is okay in July, but the summer is only bearable in this part of the world because of the "fact" that there are determinable seasons here and that cool weather is always just around the corner. Well I believe that corner has been blocked off by greed, good-ole boys, and selfish Americans.

The Weather Channel reported yesterday that rain clouds are evaporating at an increasing speed which makes it difficult for any appreciable amount of rain to fall. Why? Well if you stare at the sun without protecting your eyes your eyeballs would burn off. If we expose storm-systems to increased exposure to the sun's heat, caused by depleted ozone, the systems will evaporate and my little part of the world will become Mojave Desert East.

Dammit let's do something. Conserve, recycle, carpool, plan for making less trips, and for God's sake let these bozos who are running for elected office know that if the environment is not a major plank in their platform then screw 'em. Let the people decide how our country should be run, not big business!

Now that they've ruined "my time of year" it has become personal.


Emily Barton said...

Wonderful rant. I remember those dog days of October all too well. Fall lasted about ten days here. Now it's snowing.

IM said...

Emily, now it is very cold here also. And I forgot my jacket because I was so used to it not being very cold. All the rebublicans' fault!

Jeremiah Paddock said...

Bravo! Your blog had me nodding in agreement and laughing out loud (I believe that's known in these parts as "LOL"). Hope you enjoyed the Eng. thingy today as much as I did.

linser said...

You're absolutely right. I think we all know it but we're waiting for someone to tell us what to do. Maybe we just have to decide to do something ourselves.

Froshty said...

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed the 2007 winter season last week. As I write this, I'm sweltering in a T-shirt and running pants. The high here on Wednesday is expected to be 80. Great rant, Ian. I feel your pain. The other season I really miss is Spring.