Sunday, August 31, 2008


Because blogspot is very iffy about letting you embed video (and I'm too lazy to figure it out) I'll just post a link to this photo video I made with a cheap movie application. That's me singing folks.

The Stories We Could Tell


Anonymous said...

Great song and montage. I'm glad you put in the hotdog eating photo. linser (is that how you spell montage?)

Emily Barton said...

This is great! If you ever start to feel stupid (you know, now that you're in grad school), just rest on the fact that I consider the ability to produce something like this to be somewhere up there with the ability to figure out the square root of a 500-digit number.

P.S. Where was that picture of Bob taken?

IM said...

thanks linser, I think that's how you spell montage.

Hey Emily, that was the day before Bob's ordination at the hotdog stand you like so much.

Froshty said...

This was a super recording. It made me miss the ol' house on Laurel Street a lot.