Sunday, May 13, 2007


Okay, so this won't be a very long post. I just want to say a little about what's going on in the left hand column with all the features and stuff. A list format might be appropriate.

Backgammon: I used to play this game obsessively and on a rare occasion would hurl the board if I rolled a three and a one too many times. I'm more mature now, plus it wouldn't do to hurl my laptop. To play, roll the dice and click on your piece and click the place where you want to put it.

Sitemeter: This is a new tool that aids me in obsessing about my popularity.

Book List: These are the books I've read so far this year. I've become stuck on A Farewell to Arms, but I'm planning to push on through the last one hundred pages in the next few days.

Music: I found out how to post music tracks onto the website. Some are me (gasp!) and some are just tracks by other artists that I like.

Links and Sites: These are blogs and websites that I visit. If you do anything when you visit my blog make sure you read Andy Borowitz. The debate can end now, this is the funniest man alive.

Featured Youtube: I'll be changing these periodically. Right now I'm featuring my cousin Dar Williams.

News Stories: I'll try to keep an ongoing news story as the topic for this feature. Right now it's the Alberto Gonzales hearings.

My Profile: Just click on this so I can rack up some profile view numbers.

If you are a visitor I invite you to play some backgammon, listen to some music or read some interesting posts by other bloggers, catch up on the news or write a comment, critical or otherwise. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

linser said...

where is "lounge lizard blues"?

imichie said...

It'coming Lindsay. I don't know I'm ready to release a song that reveals so much of my soul. Plus, someone might steal the iron lung line.

linser said...

It's the Elvis Belt Buckle line I especially like.