Saturday, September 1, 2007

Pete and Ian--New Uploads

Pete, my guitar playing compatriot, has moved to New Zealand. Here are two tracks we recorded last spring.

I Shall be Released

Big River

These are both cover-songs, so i hope BMI doesn't freeze my assets.


Danny said...

I LOVE these. Hope you keep 'em coming. (I downloaded these two onto my iPod so you can sue me after BMI sues you.)

imichie said...

Cool, great to hear it Danny. I'll post more soon.

Emily Barton said...

Why won't they play for me? When I click on the link, I just get a blank page.

imichie said...

when you click on, wait a minute, and check on the task bar( or just above it) to see if its loading.If it doesn't come up you might have to download quicktime media player, its free and it doesn't take long. Your computer should recognize automatically it after you download it and send the songs there. I could send you a CD as well.