Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Random Randomness

I think I've realized that when I am under a certain amount of stress I tend to revert to my childhood. I just noticed that the caption for the photos for the last post were written in sort of a show-and-tell way, and then, at some point, I put up Youtube videos of Bugs Bunny. I'm not sitting here eating a bowl of Sugar Smacks, but I feel like that might complete the package. Bugs Bunny was a large part of my childhood and I suppose one of my early heroes. He's really a wiseguy of the thirties mob mentality, and he actually takes on the mob in one episode. I can't remember what the name of the episode is, but it has the famous line from the mob boss who Bugs is tormenting, "shut up, shuttin' up." So maybe I turn to bugs for guidance, although I'm not ready to dress in drag to fool any crazed rabbit hunter just yet.

Do people do shout-outs anymore? I wonder if the term has been retired, like "Def," or "not." Well, if it hasn't, I would like to do a shout-out to Froshty, who helped me through my half-imagined editorial crises the other day. I have to remember that I'm not exactly in this alone, and that most of the people I know these days are published in some form or another. Froshty's help, and other war-stories from great people out there, have helped me get over my molehill/mountain syndrome and put me on course for the next crises in confidence.
By the way, read Froshty's blog. This is the person who taught us that the infuriating things in life are there to be laughed at and reviled (well, she and our father). No one does a better job at critiquing what technology has done to the English language, and this is coming from someone who uses this tech-language for her bread and butter. She can also tell a damn funny story.

So that's all I have for now, a brief post today. The week has gotten off to a decent start, and my next review should be out on Friday, hopefully gross-error free. I should be studying for the GRE between now and six o'clock class, but what the hell, I've got plenty of time--right? I will say this, I'm taking less credits this term than any other, but for some reason my book bag is always heavier than a bag of rocks you see on those documentaries about the gulags. I'm seriously afraid that I'm going to take somebody out one day by mistake. I was in a narrow corridor today with someone coming toward me and I had to lift the bag up over a rail which took an amazing amount of effort and threw me off balance. I caught myself just as I was about to knock someone behind me over. My right arm is starting to look like Popeye's on spinach while my left still looks like Little Orphan Annie's. End, semester, end.

And speaking of reverting to childhood, this weekend the whole family is getting together for my brother-in-law's ordination. Wish us luck.

Here is the new review with the correct name of the restaurant.


linser said...

Remember Bugs singing, "I dream of Jeannie, she's a light brown hare"? And his reading "The Raven" while construction was going on around his hole: "Only this, and nuttin' more." I love the image of you with the Popeye arm and the bag.

imichie said...

I remember that construction one, especially the music. Remember--da da da da da da---da da da? Can't do it justice in print.

Froshty said...

Ian, you really have me blushing. I'm glad that my suggestions helped--a good motto already is "When in doubt, blame the machine." My favorite Bugs episode is Roman Legion Hare because it's just non-stop Bug action, and from it comes my favorite Bugs line. Early in the episode, Yosemite Sam crashes his chariot and horses and Bug says, "Eh, these hot rod kids." It gets me every time. Also, Emily already knows this, but I won't be coming to Connecticut this weekend because of a stolen ATM card. I'll miss seeing all of you.

Emily Barton said...

Ahh, Bugs Bunny! Who ELSE is going to help get us through the ordination weekend?

archie FCD said...

My favourite Bugs effort is actually an Elmer Fudd moment, "Kill the wabbit, Kill the wabbit!" to "The Ride of the Valkyries"

Reminds me - it is time for another bunny suicide on my blog :)