Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Quick One

Okay, this is going to have to be very fast. I'm busy, busy, busy. Sorry the posts haven't been very frequent and I haven't been commenting on anyone's blog. I'm not going to worry about typos either today, so blah.

I went to see Beowulf in 3D. Fifteen minutes of pretty cool 3D stuff (nothing really made me jump out of my seat though) for every hour of crappy dialogue. $8.50 for this. But what the hell, at least I could relax for a minute, and even doze a little between epic fight scenes. Angelina Jolie has stiletto feat which killed any 13 year-old adolescent urges I was experiencing during her famous virtual nudity. Man, but what lips!

I realize that my mind drifts even more during action sequences than boring declarations of love and fealty. While the dragon was dragging Beowulf around the mores I kept wondering if I'd turned the coffee pot off. I also kept wondering if the dragon would ever hurry up and die, along with Beowulf, so I could get on with my plans for Saturday. The sequence where Beowulf rips out the dragon's heart with his bare hands took forever. Haven't these people seen Enter the Dragon? Bruce Lee did it in a split-second.

The 3D glasses were cool though. Cheap as hell, but better than those white cardboard ones with one blue eye and one red eye. These look like Elvis Costello shades. Kitsch my ass. Whoops.

U2 is coming out with an Imax concert in 3D, they showed the preview. It was cool for a moment but I don't know if I want Bono stomping all over my lap for two hours. Although I though this Beowulf was going to be good (Ebert liked it for chistsake!) and I was wrong about that so maybe the U2 will be good, who knows. I'd rather see them in concert, anyone have tickets?

This is good, a couple more sentences. I've been working on a long wordy contract type thing since yesterday and this feels like riding down a steep hill on bicycle with your hands off the handlebars. You don't know how freeing stream-of-consciousness writing can be after coming up with hackneyed neophyte legalese for 24 hours.

So I will sign off. American folks, have a good Thanksgiving. All others, have some Turkey, or some pie, just for the hell of it. We Yanks can be pretty cool on this holiday.


Emily Barton said...

No fair. I've got a post nearly written all about Beowulf: The Movie (even though I haven't seen it). Now everyone's going to think I copied you.

IM said...

No they won't. Please post it anyway. I can't wait to read it.

linser said...

I had a feeling you might go see that movie. One review said Angelina Jolie's breasts were pretty scary flying out at you in3D.

IM said...

The scary part is that they had no nipples, but I digress.