Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Ramblin' Man

I am way way way way way over due to post. No excuses, and I really shouldn't be posting right now as the things I need to to do are steadily overtaking the things I've managed to get done. If that last sentence is convoluted and confusing, just use it as an example of my life right now.

I took the damn GRE finally. I might get into Bill's graduate school and taco-stand with the scores I made. As predicted, my math score was a negative number (first time in the history of the test) and my verbal score indicates that I am a Bulgarian third-grader (no offense to Bulgaria or third-graders). Actually it is really hard to tell how I did because when I go on-line I find chat threads where people are crying that they got a 1500 and can never get into Princeton in a million years. Wah wah wah. Showoffs!

But I'm glad it's over. I was really quite calm during the test, and afterwards I did the unthinkable and stopped at McDonald's for a quarter-pounder and some "chicken" Mcnuggets. Yea, I know, this food would kill Superman--in fact I think they put small doses of kryptonite (sp?) in it--but it was Friday, I had just spent four hours trying to remember the meaning of words like obfuscate, and I wanted to feel like I was sitting in a room where everyone wasn't way smarter than me. The Kernersville Micky D's did the trick perfectly.

I really don't know how my scores will affect my overall chances at grad school. The programs I am interested in are in a broad range of tiers and when I sit back and really look at the big picture, I'm very happy that I even have a chance. Five years ago, when I was a shlepping chef who didn't have to take out a loan to buy a CD, I would have never pictured myself poised to enter graduate school. If I had known how much dept this project would accrue I might have patted myself on the back for sticking around with the sadists and the snobs who worked at the club. But I sometimes told my friends during late night beer drinking contests that I had always regretted not getting a bachelors degree. Then we would pour beer over ourselves and sing Margaritaville at the top of our lungs. Not really, but close.

So I keep trying to remind myself of why I am doing this. You've heard of those families where junior was the first one ever to graduate from college? Well, if I make it another six weeks, I'll never have to worry about people saying junior was the first one in his family not to graduate from college.

I've made excellent grades here. It has been lonely at times, working in a corner of the library watching the college socialites laugh and go off to their dorms together. They say a person has an average of eight good friends, and if that is true I can say that while I've been here I've added at least two to that average, so I think that is a very good thing. Plus, my typing is starting to reach mind numbing speeds. But nothing compared to the guy typing next to me right now--he's incredible.

This has been a rambler of a post but I have to go now, I'm being kicked out of the computer lab because a class is about to start.


linser said...

Congratulations! What's a mcnugget or two in the whole scheme of things. Another chapter unfolding in the exciting life of Ian. Can you believe it's coming up to twenty years since we went to Zimbabwe?

litlove said...

You should congratulate yourself on having got through the whole process. Education is about the years you spent doing just that, not the hours you spend in the exam hall (she says wisely in her most teacherly voice!). But I mean it - it's the experience that develops and enriches you. The number count at the end is pretty irrelevent in the scheme of life. Who is ever remembered fondly for good examination grades?

IM said...

Thanks Lindser. Woah, twenty years. Remember how i used to bum money from you for beer? I think I still owe you for that.

Litlove thank you so much. What a great boost! I'm so glad you dropped by.

Froshty said...

Ian, I firmly believe that you'll achieve your dream of going to graduate school, no matter what your GRE score is. Mary learned an important lesson when she took the SATs: a good SAT score is wiped out by two semesters of Cs and Ds, even in honors classes. The GRE is the same. Your excellent GPA at Guilford was no small feat and will open lots of doors to you. Then, when you're in, you can thumb your nose and say, "Ha! Forsyth is the first Michie NOT to go to graduate school." Love, Froshty

Sarah said...

Hooray for being done with the GREs! And just to add to what others have said, GRE scores are only one component of an application, and depending on the school, they're often a small component at that. Letters of rec, a strong statement of purpose, a great GPA, and a good writing sample go a long way. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

IM said...

Thanks Froshty, I'm really glad now that I spent that time writing papers about two lines of Beowulf instead of
trying to get to level 8 on World of Warcraft. love to you and Mary and Anna--the amazing trio!

Sarah, that's what they all tell me and goshdarnit I'm going to start believing them. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Jeremiah Paddock said...

I know exactly what you mean about watching the other 'kids' around you. I was in the Green Leaf the other day after we met, waiting for my next class, and I don't think that I've ever felt so old and alone in my entire life. Yowza. Congrats on taking the GREs, I suppose I have them to look forward to now.

Emily Barton said...

Why do I have a sneaky suspicion you're being extremely modest? Oh well, it doesn't matter: poetic licence and all that. Congratulations on making it through the ordeal.

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