Saturday, January 5, 2008

Holiday Photos

My last post stated that I was very busy, too busy to do a proper post in fact. But this was more or less an outright lie. I've just been slack, watching reality restaurant shows and plucking around on the guitar. I did take Booker for a walk two days in a row, and I built some bookcases at work, but a true evaluation of my activity would reveal an orgy of procrastination.

I hope to give details of my holiday soon, or maybe some other muse will divert my attention and I'll write about something completely different. In the meantime here are some photos from Christmas.

The folks on Christmas Eve

Mom continues to decorate up to the last minute

Lounging around on Christmas day

Daddy recites from War and Peace.

There's always a dog lying around.

Booker's hoping someone will drop some roast beef.

Time to walk off the chocolate truffles.

Aunt Boo with a painting of her house by Lindsay.

Lindsay and brother-in-law Dan.

Lindsay in her studio.

My parents' dog Sally.

The Virginian in his natural habitat.

At the top of the hill.

Happy New Year (good thing we can't smell that breath.)

Bonus: Here is my reading of Don Quixote


Charlotte said...

Love your Christmas pics, Ian. I laughed outright at the last caption. Having spent some time around happy, well-fed black Labs, I know just what that breath would have smelt like!

Anonymous said...

Like the photos especially of Daddy leaning on the fence and of Booker. I loved the Don Kwiksoty commentary--classic! Should be required for every litcrit class. linser (p.s. I only seem to able to comment if I'm anonymous now).

Litlove said...

Happy New Year, Ian! Love the photos - I'm always curious to see what other people's Christmas's look like!

IM said...

I think Happy well-fed labs are one of the joys of life Charlotte.

I realized that my synopsis of the story was told in a similar way that the characters in the actual novel portray old tales of Knights and courtly love. I'm starting to read Quixote and Sancho as an old married couple who bicker all the time. Wonder where I got that one.

I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures Litlove. They came out well which is not surprising considering the good time we were having.

Danny said...

Loved seeing those photos! Even the dogs in your family have an intellectual air to them. I wouldn't be surprised to find one of your family's pets reading Proust (in the original French, of course). Living inside of a Woody Allen movie, as I do, I'm grass-is-greener jealous!

IM said...

Danny, it is my dream to live in a Woody Allen movie, especially "Radio Days." Hanging out backstage with Wilco all the time wouldn't be so bad either.

Emily Barton said...

I thought I left a comment, but it doesn't appear I did, so I'll repeat myself and say I'm glad I wasn't there to show up in any of these photos, although I'm sorry I missed it.