Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Stay Tuned

I've been pretty busy with travels and so forth, so I haven't had time to post. I still don't have time really--but I will very soon. Here are some things I've been doing.

Celebrating Christmas with my family in Charlottesville. One of the best Christmases ever!

I bought a new car! Whoooohoo!

Went to Atlanta to see Widepread Panic on New Years Eve. Lots of drunk fratboys, but my God what a show!

I'm reading Don Quixote!

Getting psyched for a new round of grad-school applications!

More details, plus photos, in the next day or so.



Courtney said...

Happy New Year! I think that's the first time I've ever seen an exclamation point after the words I'm reading Don Quixote....

Emily Barton said...

It couldn't possibly have been one of the best Christmases ever, because I wasn't there :-)! Can't wait to discuss Don Quixote with you. Happy New Year! Love, Emily

IM said...

Courtney, Happy New Year to you. Yea, I guess I got a little carried away with the !s. But I do like Don Quixote, although I'm only a quarter of the way in (p. 260--yikes!)

We missed you to be sure Emily, but we had a great time. I even went to church. Make sure you tell Bob. Happy New Year right back atcha.

Jeremiah Paddock said...

So happy to see that you had posted today! Can't wait to hear/read what all you've been up to. Hope you had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

IM said...

Hey Jeremy, thanks. Same to you. And I've enjoyed keeping up with your adventures on your blog.