Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Two new blogs that show great commitment to life. One is a food blog that has darn-near turned me into a vegetarian. The author is a fellow alumnus of my college.


The second is from the irrepressible Emily. Get ready to show your commitment. Emily is in charge of the environment now :I


Remember, green is the new blue.


Lauren said...

Thanks, yo!

Anonymous said...

Two plugs? Sorry, I put them in my ears and I cannot hear you - - -

Emily Barton said...

Thanks for plugging me and for joining in the fun. When are you coming up, so we can cook local, organic, vegetarian meals together? The tomatoes around here should be delicious by July 4th (or will you be in Africa?).

IM said...

I don't know quite yet when I'll have a free weekend Emily but I hope soon. I really want to come up and see you, and I'm hoping to do so before the end of June...But actually 4th of July sounds good too. Not planning to go to Africa now until Christmas break.

TJ said...

I found you through the ecojustice08 site. Love your blog. And yes, let's hear it for Emily! And thanks for the link to the food blog. Great!