Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Bullets

Since consistency appears to have left me temporarily (damn ye Facebook) I will try, I mean really try, to post bullets on Sunday to list developments and such. We'll see how long it lasts.

  • I'm accepted at UNCG for the master's in history. I'm debating whether to defer for a year (if they'll let me) because...
  • I've been granted funds by Guilford to go to Africa in the next year. Starting grad school and planning a trip to Africa while working full time seems like it might make my head explode say, sometime around early November. Deferment seems practical. The only misgiving I have is that I'm ready to keep moving on this degree-earning-path so I can start making the big bucks;) No seriously, I'm not getting any younger and I feel I need to keep plugging to make up for lost time. But I in no way want to jeopardize this opportunity to return to Africa after 21 years. My proposal is to research and write fund-raising material for our friends' medical mission in the Eastern Cape. An online travel-log is also planned. These things will take a certain amount of preliminary planning and follow-up and juggling them with school and work, for someone who is a hopeless procrastinator, seems a little tough. Wow, that was a really long bullet point.
  • I'm two weeks into my job at the public library. I can cautiously say I love it. I'm sent to all nine branches, which relieves tedium and gets me familiar with the county, and I've rediscovered that libraries are well-springs of positive energy. Except one incident with a shredder--pretty bad but it got resolved (never try to put more than four pieces of paper in at a time)--and the fact that telling a date you work at the library has the ability to shut down conversation permanently, I'm enjoying the job. But I'm only two weeks stay tuned.
  • Booker's breath has become unbearable, but other than that he's still catching frisbees and tennis balls and can still distinguish a cheese rapper from any other food wrapper that I open. He wants me to walk him more though.
  • The archive job is great. I'm transcribing letters regarding the manumission of slaves by Quakers--this is right up my alley, the period and topic of my historical interest. The medium--correspondence of the Friends Meeting for Sufferings--appeals to me because stories, to me, unfold through letters better than any primary source.
  • I haven't finished a book in a month or two. I've got three going, The Peculiar Institution, Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72, and I've just started Walking the Bible by Bruce Feiler. I'm dying to read Animal Vegetable Mineral but four books at the same time might be too much. If I could just curb my curiosity for a while and stick to one topic.
  • The Office is back finally. Phew.
  • I downloaded the new REM and believe it is their best work since Life's Rich Pageant. I plan to post on it soon.
  • That's all I can think of right now. I sincerely hope this will be a regular event, but looking at my track-record of late I'm just happy to be posting something today.
  • One last one. Blogspot is such shite that bullets don't come out correctly. I can't figure out how to put spaces between points.


Charlotte said...

Congrats on your acceptance on the Master's! I'd love to hear more about your South African mission - it's going to be fascinating for you going back.

IM said...

Thanks Charlotte, I'm really excited about Africa--and grad-school. I'm might ask for journalism and travel tips when planning the trip.

Jeremiah Paddock said...


Emily Barton said...

I wish I could go to Africa with you.
Maybe you and I should breathe a little life into the Ian and Emily blog and both post about R.E.M. and their new album (are they called "albums" still?)

IM said...

Yes, I'm up for that Emily!

Emily Barton said...

Good. I'll get to work on it and post sometime in the next week or so.