Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Graduation Photos

Better late than never: Graduation 2008.
The Happy Graduate
With the Proud Parents


Richard said...

Congratulations! Seriously, that's awesome! How interesting, though, that the same time you graduate, I get fired. But enough about my heinous life, and congratulations once more.

IM said...

Thanks Richard, I got fired and evicted in the same 24 hour period once. You'll bounce back. Just wasn't the place for you. Rank-and-file aholes probably. Heinous.

Emily Barton said...


Danny said...


(Your parents are so cute!)

IM said...

I know Emily, awww, even though mom and daddy got lost on the way because I forgot to tell them about the new by-pass--I heard just a little bit about that all morning--it was a great day.

Thanks Danny. It feels good to be through--and I never thought about it but yes my parents are cute. Thanks again.