Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Another One in a Row

I paid a long overdue visit to Archie's Archives today. One of his posts sent me surfing for Ron McKuen Poems. This is one I particularly like. Blogspot is no friend to the poetry format, so the full effect of the poem is lost from lack of proper indentation. The words are still brilliant.


Even wrinkled water stretches out

along its roadway to the sea.

A blemish under sunlight fades,

or darkens,

changes anyway as all things change

the more they meet the Elements.

Only the nightmare, one in a row,

is constant under Nature's gaze.

Lean or weighted down with weight,

everybody I see now is eloquent

In true proportion.

Dreams have taught me

to turn my back on nothing

that might be something.

Something being that other one

one always needs to compliment

the given hour.

Who knows how many dreams

die out of season

reaching for some added darkness

or twisting upward where the sunlight

sits on haunches in the tops of trees.

There are no ordinary dreams.

Every nightmare is extraordinary

and compared to bodies, every body,

the dream is truly plain.

The nightmare is nothing.

I am, of course, excepting my own body

which needs a little/lot of work

No mirror told me that.

Not seeing my reflection in an other body

was looking glass enough.

While looking down

above a dream some times

I do see my old self rolling in another's arms

And oh the sight is dazzling.

---Rod McKuen 1998


Courtney said...

Wow. This IS a really, really good poem. Thanks for sharing it. I'm glad i chose to read some blogs on my lunch break instead of joining everyone else,today.

IM said...

I've read it several times now. I'm not very good at knowing why I like a poem. This one seems positive to things are okay.