Saturday, June 9, 2007

I’m going to do a quick post today. A couple of weeks ago there was meme going around that was like “eight strange things that people don’t know about me,” or something to that effect. I want to give this a try.

1. I talk to my dog like he is a person who can understand me, and kind of believe that he can, especially when he looks bored.

2. I suffer from mild road-rage. And more-than-mild George W. Bush-rage.

3. I am irrationally superstitious and get nervous when I see the number 13 (even now).

4. Every time I say God d*mn, I say the Lord’s Prayer to myself.

5. I love the movie “Tommy Boy.”

6. I think I’m a pretty good dancer, but that doesn’t mean I am.

7. I like vienna sausages, still, to this day. Had some the day-before-yesterday.

8. The other day I was driving home and singing Frankie Valley’s “Oh What a Night” at the top of my lungs.

9. I often go over the allotted number in a meme, just to push the envelope a bit.

10. Hmmm…….

11. Oh yea, If it weren’t for spell-check, my blog would be even more of an illegible mess.

So there you go, pretty freaky huh? But don’t judge, I couldn’t bear to be ostracized for my idiosyncrasies.


Emily Barton said...

You mean not everyone talks to his/her dog as if the dog is a human being and completely understands? I still love Vienna sausages, too. In fact, I almost put them in my latest meme when it came to foods I'm embarrassed to admit I like. Must be because Santa brought them to us in our stockings, huh? And that spelling thing, well, I've told you before, it runs in the family, which just goes to show not all geniuses are great spellers, right? :-)!

imichie said...

Okay so I'm not the only one who works out his life with the help of a pet, cool.
Yea, the only thing about vienna sausages is that as I get older, I can actually feel my blood pressure go up when I eat them. All that sodium! So I limit it to an every now and then kind of thing. By the way, your posts lately have been very, very funny. Thanks for helping to cheer me up!

Charlotte said...

I like to imagine I am quite a good dancer too, though I'm probably not. The great thing is I no longer care ...

I'm with you on "Oh What a Life".

Litlove said...

Oooh I'm irrationally superstitious. I don't like 13, but what's worse, I'm not that fond of 14 either. And once I'd heard that 4 in some forms of numerology was the number of death then I had to beware of that, too. I'll run out of numbers if I'm not careful!

imichie said...

Charlotte, I don't really care either but the people i'm flailing next to might.

Litlove, the number four huh? Just checked the time and it is 5:44. Eeek!

linser said...

Have you tried a vienna sausage sandwich? Good with butter or mayonaise. Remember when I choreographed a whole dance with reluctant younger friends (age about 5) to "Oh What a Night"? That sort of combines two on your list.

imichie said...

I have not tried the vienna sausage sandwich but am thinking about opening a restaurant which showcases the versatility of the cocktail weenie. And yes, I remember that dance routine, I think you drilled them until their feet bled.

char said...

~~God, you are such a geek~~
We all are, so don't be offended.

Do you have white man's overbite when you dance?

imichie said...

Char, ya judged. Am I a geek? Man, you don't know the half of it.

Froshty said...

My cats are my office assistants, so I have to talk to them (check out my blog at to learn about them). I talk to the dogs when I want total agreement with all my thoughts because they wag their tails over my brilliance. I also talk to my three computers. I don't like Vienna sausages much; I must be the adopted kid. Mary and Anna, my daughters, love them, though, so maybe it skipped a generation. I only think I'm a good dancer when I've had too much to drink.

imichie said...

You know, I'm getting a little queezy thinking about vienna sausages so much. i kind of consider myself a Napoleon Dynamite kind of dancer, a real nerd who has this hidden uber-rhythm deep inside.

char said...

Sorry I judged you, Ian I think it was the "Oh, What a Night" admission that made me scoff.

I can hold entire conversations with myself about stupid stuff for hours. I'm really good at verbally abusing myself too. I don't think this shows that I'm geeky; it shows that I'm INSANE!