Monday, August 27, 2007

Fun with Cut and Paste

It seems that books are a recurring theme on the blogs I visit, so in the spirit of recent postings of personal bookcases and favorite bookstores, here is my office bookcase in all its chaotic glory.

Now that I have the capability to post photos, this blog is going to be overloaded with arbitrary stuff that is my material fish tank. Check out this picture of my dog, Booker.

Okay, this is too fun, what else can we post? Hmmm, I know.

Okay, I didn't take this picture,and I've used it before, but I think the maxim "a picture speaks a thousand words" is very relevant in this case.

I call this one" "GRE Hell."

Stay tuned for more engrossing photos.

Note: Tried to get a movie of Booker catching a Frisbee to upload but it took almost two hours for a ten second spot. Seems my laptop and blogspot were having some issues. I'm going to keep working on it though.


Sarah said...

Hooray for chaotic glory! I'm giving my bookcases a week or so before they devolve into utter chaos themselves. And good luck with the GRE flashcards! (I think the GRE could easily fit inside Dante's vision of hell...)

imichie said...

You should have seen this bookcase when I set it up. Everything was so neat and orderly. But with an average of ten books entering my house a week, it wasn't long before this is what happened. Well, it's better than kudzu I suppose. Two months until GRE.

Emily Barton said...

I guess we both inherited the chaotic bookcase gene. That's a terrific shot of Booker.

imichie said...

Hey Emily, Yep I just need to get more bookcases and get rid of other furniture like chairs, beds and tables to make room for all the books. On a side note, as you study up ojn the Amish, I'm undergoing a crash course on the Quakers (for the job in the Quaker archives). Maybe we can compare notes.

linser said...

Booker looks especially intelligent compared to the photograph under him.

litlove said...

Beautiful dog! Lovely bookcase! And do remind me to tell you my favourite George Bush joke one of these days.

imichie said...

Yes Linser Booker could do a better job I'm sure. Naps and frisbees for every American.

I can't wait to hear that joke Litlove.