Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Taking a Break

I'm taking a break from blogging for several days because this week has shown me how busy the semester is going to be. I have taken on a lot, and I need some time to get things in place before I can commit to a good post. I hope to be back early next week when the dust settles.

Patio update: Hand made paving stones have gone into production. Hard work, but they look fantastic.

Booker update: Booker got two new frisbies on Sunday, and he has been walking on a cloud ever since. I'm teaching him to play goalie.

School? One regular tough class, one two credit I.S. that will require a great deal of self-starting, and the math--which the jury is still out on.

Work: New position in the library in the special collections.

Personal: Don't ask, not too bad, but don't ask.

GW Bush? @#$!@#%$# ^%$#@ %$!@#$ %^$##@

Back Soon.


linser said...

Are you making the stones yourself? I'm impressed. I bet Booker's a good goalie.

imichie said...

Yes Linser I'm making the stones with cement in a mold. It's painstaking work but it looks quaint as all get out. I've invented a game where I try to slide the frisbee under the leather rocker with booker trying to stop it. If he hangs around on the side of the chair I slide it on the ground for a point. If I do it right the frisbee gets caught and he can't get it and I get a point. If I do it wrong it will go all the way under the chair and he will be able to get it and I lose a point. If he parks himself right in front of the chair I have to chip it over his head and get it into the seat of the chair for a point. I'm developing it more. I will say, he's damn good at it.

Froshty said...

I'm glad you've taken a break, because I haven't been able to read any blogs for about a week and now I see that you've only written three since I last checked. I've had to impose strict time management on myself to get ahead of my IBM work so that I can work on other projects this week. Then, on Thursday, I'm off to Lima!